How to Create Personal Space for Kids in Shared Rooms

Recently I have had to look at how to create personal space for Megan who shares a room with Anna. Megan is nine, almost 10 and Anna is five. When we found out we were pregnant with twins 5 years ago, we knew at some point Megan would need to share a room. I had […]

Gifts For Kids Under $100 at Best Buy

Do you have some kids on your Christmas list to buy for yet?  I still have more shopping to do for my kids and for my nephews.  They are getting to an age that they are getting more and more challenging to figure out what gifts they would enjoy the most.  Best Buy is a […]

Decorating Kids Bedrooms

Decorating Kids Bedrooms Over the past year we have been working on moving the kids into different bedrooms.  In the process of doing the room switches we have also been decorating kids bedrooms.  Anna and Ethan have shared a room since they were born, and Megan has had her own room.  Then in November of […]

Design Ideas for Two Sharing a Room

We finally have our son in his own room, in this really cool Safari Jeep bed that was all handmade.  My sister’s neighbor was moving and this is a set the dad made when their son, now in his 20’s, had when he was a child.  We still have the shelving to hang up and […]

Organizing Small Spaces

As I’ve mentioned before, we live in a rather small house for 5 people, and as much as would love to get into something a little more accommodating I honestly don’t see us going any where soon.  So given that, I am always on the look out on how organizing small spaces can help us […]