Maleficent Opens in Theaters Today!

Maleficent opens in theaters worldwide today. And, oh my gosh, are you in store for a fantastic movie with the awe-inspiring 3-D visual-effects by Robert Stromberg! From beginning to end, you will be enchanted and entertained. Maleficent is the untold story of what drove the “bad” fairy (Maleficent) to curse Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, when she was just […]

Disney Maleficent Clips, Interviews, Posters, and Activity Sheets

Are you excited about the upcoming release of the Disney Maleficent movie? This is kind of like a Maleficent bombing here is this post! Here you will find a Legacy Featurette, featuring a behind-the-scenes interview with Angelina Jolie, as well as activity sheets, posters and clips! I am so excited to see this movie about the untold story […]