Not To Miss Netflix Original Shows

One of the many things I love with having Netflix are the Netflix original shows. They offer an amazing selection of programs that cannot be seen unless you are a subscriber to their service. Netflix Original Shows SENSE8: Netflix original. A global thriller that launched on June 8th for only 12 episodes. It is a […]

Netflix Original Series Must Sees #StreamTeam

Since cutting off our cable service, I have realized more than ever how much I love Netflix. Not only does Netflix have an enormous archive of popular TV series, but they also have the best original series’. One of the new original series, Grace and Frankie, I am excited to see stars Jane Fonda (“Grace”) and Lily […]

Mako Mermaids Are Back For Season 2 On Netflix

This is a guest post by my daughter, Megan, talking about Mako Mermaids on Netflix. We are writing this post as part of the Netflix Stream Team. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the show “H2O: Just Add Water”. This show was about three mermaids who tried to conceal their magical powers from […]

Some Four-Legged Animal Love On Netflix

Okay, all you four-legged animal lovers, get your fill of shows featuring your favorite pets on Netflix! Netflix has an amazing amount of shows featuring dogs and cats that are fun for the whole family. We are a very pet-friendly home. Owning both a dog and a cat. My kids gravitate towards shows or movies […]

Making Some Time For Me With Netflix For My Top 5 Shows

It’s been very interesting since having children. I had never realized how much of yourself you give up when you start a family. However, I would never have imagined how much I wouldn’t care if it meant having children. Only recently did it start having more of an impact on me that “me” time has been […]

Get Your Scare On At Netflix In October #StreamTeam

With it being October, and the month for Halloween it seemed like a good idea to discuss scary halloween movies. When I was younger, I had a love/hate relationship with scary movies. I loved the adrenaline rush I’d get when watching them, but then I hated being scared at night when I went to bed. As […]

Movie Night Ideas With Netflix #StreamTeam

So, how is that back-to-school routine working out for you so far? For us, this year is more busy than ever. I had always heard it gets more and more busy the older the kids get. Shame on me for not believing it! That statement is proving to be very true in our household. There […]

Avoid Summer Brain Drain with Netflix #StreamTeam

Avoid summer brain drain by giving your little ones a brain-power boost by introducing them to something new with Netflix—whether you choose a documentary about dinosaurs or go on a math adventure to the moon, we hope everyone has fun learning even when outside of the classroom. Avoid Summer Brain Drain Once my kids get out […]

Taking Time Out For Mom: Orange Is The New Black Netflix- #StreamTeam

Parenting may be a 24/7 job. However, taking time out for yourself helps keep you strong for your family. This is why Netflix switched gears for June and made the month’s Stream Team topic all about mom. While favorite shows are on hiatus, Netflix is offering a great selection of titles to get you through the summer months. This also includes all-new episodes […]

Popular Musicals on Netflix For Rainy Summer Days #StreamTeam

As we are wrapping up our school year, I am thinking ahead to the summer break and some structure. I do not want the summer to be so busy that there is no down time for the kids or myself. However, I have come to realize that once the kids get too bored, they will […]