Healthy Dog Treats with Home-Style Goodness (Giveaway)

 The Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats, gift cards, and information have been provided by Milo’s Kitchen®. Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn around there is more and more information coming out about some type of ingredient in our food or personal care items that isn’t safe? Well, unfortunately that is the same even with our […]

Brushing Dogs Teeth is Now A Lot Easier (Giveaway)

The Milk-Bone dog products, information and VISA gift card have been provided by the Milk-Bone brand. All opinions are 100% my own. Keeping your dogs teeth clean is so important to their overall health. Just like people, without proper dental care, periodontal disease can lead to other health issues. This includes, but not limited to heart disease, […]

Take the Avoderm Challenge & A Chance to Win a Year’s Supply of AvoDerm #Ad

I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. When we were first looking to adopt a dog Christmas of 2011 I was determined to get a non-shedding dog. That did not last long once we met Rusty, an Australian Shepherd. He has a lot of hair, that is very […]

How to Relieve Stress in Dogs Naturally

This How to Relieve Stress in Dogs Naturally post is sponsored by Tomoson on behalf of PSCPets. How to relieve stress in dogs has been a top question of mine for sometime since we rescued Rusty just after Christmas of 2011. Our family really wanted a dog for a pet, but we did not want […]

Fresh Smelling Home By Removing Pet Odors

This Fresh Smelling Home By Removing Pet Odors post is sponsored by Odor Free Machines. I love having pets in our home. However, I like having pets that are seen and not smelled. I always want to make sure when someone walks into my home it does not smell like walking into a pet shop. […]

Wordless Wednesday, November 7

Pet Store Gift Card Giveaway

If you love your pet this giveaway is for you! Two Little Cavaliers your go to place for International Dog News, Pet Product Reviews, Pet Centric Giveaways, dog friendly recipes Cooking for Dogs, and the creator and co-host of the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop a weekly event where pet bloggers and pet lovers can […]

Just a Friday Rambling

I thought summer was the time we were supposed to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather and get some rest.  I believe that is just a fairytale!  🙂  I have been so exhausted the last few days, I go to sit down to write a few posts and literally can not keep my eye’s open! Well, […]

The Instant Trainer Leash – Review

Our dog Rusty, who we got from a rescue at the end of December, has been in behavioral modification/obedience training since the middle of January.  He is a great dog, but did come with some baggage! Rusty is a 40 pound Australian Shepherd, he is quite strong and has very strong legs.  Our 8 year […]

Small Living Space With a Big Stink From A Cat?

This is an issue we had dealt with for several years.  We first lived in an apartment about 8 years ago and had 2 cats and then moved in to a house.  We have a smallish house – no basement and 1 1/2 floors.  We now have one cat but because we do have the […]