House Cleaning Schedule for Household Organization

Do you have a house cleaning schedule you use for making sure you are on top of all your chores? This may sound a little ridiculous, but I had never learned much about organization growing up. My childhood was a little different, growing up in my grandparents home with my mom and sister. My sister […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards With Disney

Valentine’s Day is already this Thursday, are you ready? I have not even started shopping for the kids yet. I also have yet to even start on Valentine’s Day cards for my children’s classmates, and that is for three children. I really do not enjoy doing things last minute, but time seems to get away […]

Disney Family Movies: Thoughts Of Those In Sandy’s Path

Disney Family Movies Disney Family Movies is now playing:  The Attack of the Indoor Halloween! As Sandy rages through the Eastern seaboard (our thoughts go out to all our readers in Sandy’s path; please stay safe!) many families are coping with the prospect of cancelled Halloween plans, and an indoor holiday. If your family’s trapped […]

Printable Chore Charts for Kids

So the other day we were at the pool, which we are actually at every day with Megan being on the swim team, but my sister and I were talking about all the laundry we had to do for a family of 5.  I had said something about the couch being loaded with folded clothes […]