Plush Toy Ubooly and Ubooly Lab Giveaway (Ends 7/1)

Welcome to the Ubooly Plush Toy & Ubooly Lab giveaway. This giveaway is hosted by A Mom Having Fun, but is sponsored by Ubooly, home of the fun little orange plush guy that is interactive and educational. Please feel free to pop on over to read my full reviews of Ubooly when we adopted him in December and, […]

Interactive and Educational Fun with New Ubooly Lab

This Interactive and Educational Fun with New Ubooly Lab is sponsored by Ubooly. You may recall a post I did about a great technology gift for kids called Ubooly just his past December. It is this stuffed animal that comes to life with your iPod or iPhone. By simply downloading an application and then sliding your […]

Technology Gifts for Kids – The Ubooly #AdoptUbooly

Kids are getting more and more technologically savvy.  I never cease to be amazed at how quickly they learn to get around on a computer or an electronic device.  It seems now that there are so many handheld devices kids are learning even younger how to maneuver around technology.  Our twins (Anna & Ethan) are getting […]