Disney Frozen Soundtrack Available at Walmart

You know you have those phrases that you say and do not give it any thought? Well, apparently I say the phrase “Let It Go” quite often. However, I never noticed I even used this phrase until the movie Frozen, and the ever popular “Let It Go”, by Idina Menzel. You know how kids get […]

Frozen Themed Apparel And More At Walmart

Start thinking holidays, winter, Christmas, cold, freezing, Frozen! Bam. Yes, we are talking Christmas presents and Frozen specifically. For months after Frozen came out, my kids did nothing but sing the songs from that movie over and over and over again. Then, when we got the movie, their excitement was heightened that much more. Now […]

Walmart: Muppets Most Wanted – Own It Now For Only $14.96

Have you had a chance to see the last Muppet escapade The Muppets: Most Wanted? If you haven’t, you are missing a real treat! The all-star cast includes Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Ty Burrell. You can see my full review of the movie here. The Muppets: Most Wanted (Widescreen) – Was $29.99, Now Only $14.96 at Walmart.com! […]

Be A Champion For Kids With #JennieO4kids #cbias

As a parent, I always want to ensure my children are taken care of, this is especially true in the area of nutrition. Having my children eat a healthy breakfast each day is such a great way to start the day. Whether the children are sent off to school, home schooled, or not school-aged yet breakfast is the […]