Take a Cruise to a Place of Beauty and Culture

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I have traveled by train, car and airplane, but I have yet to travel by boat. Some friends of ours just left to on a Disney Cruise. I have heard the Disney Cruises are a ton of fun, and something I hope to do someday with the kids. Neither my husband nor I have ever gone on a cruise for a vacation, even while growing up. It sounds like such a fun way to vacation, and to see different parts of the world.

Some cruises I would love to experience some day, besides a Disney Cruise, is an Alaskan Cruise, Galapagos Explorer Cruises, and the Bahamas or Caribbean. I have actually never been out of the United States, so it would be a lot of fun to go to any of those destinations. I have heard wonderful things about each of those cruises.

take a cruise vacation

Take a Cruise to a Place of Beauty and Culture

I would love to take a cruise to place of beauty and culture on the a Galapagos Cruise. The Galapagos Explorer allows travelers to participate in different events each day. They also have a lot of fun activities that most people would normally not have access to, such as, swimming with dolphins and going on extraordinary hikes with nature guides. I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins! They also plan areas for snorkeling, which is so fun to see sea life in its natural habitat!

take a cruise vacation - Galapagos Islands

This is just an amazing view isn’t it? I think I would really enjoy taking that in on a luxurious cruise line such as the Galapagos Explorer. Another thing that I have heard about cruises is the food. I have always here there is no shortage of food on cruises, and the food is phenomenal!


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