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Kids are getting more and more technologically savvy.  I never cease to be amazed at how quickly they learn to get around on a computer or an electronic device.  It seems now that there are so many handheld devices kids are learning even younger how to maneuver around technology.  Our twins (Anna & Ethan) are getting really good at Wii games, and even know how to play games on a computer, and on Megan’s iPod.  Megan, at 9, I feel is a pro at all this now!

Technology Gifts for Kids

It seems technology gifts for kids are becoming more and more popular.  Megan really wanted an iPod last year for Christmas, and we did end up making a last minute decision to get her one.  It was something she had wanted for a long time, and honestly we had not intended to get it for her but we got a really good deal on it.  She loves it and uses it mostly for music, but she loves playing games on it too.  This year, I actually gave her an early Christmas present called an Ubooly!

When I first gave Megan Ubooly, we opened the box and all you could see was orange and the bright blue packaging she was dying to see what it was!

Ubooly In Box

Yes, I was a bit of a tease with poor Megan!  Here you can see her sweet little Ubooly peeking out of the box!

Ubooly peeking out of box

And finally, he is in her arms!

Ubooly with Megan

The Ubooly is this cute little orange creature that converts an iPhone or iPod touch into a talking stuffed animal. It talks to your children using voice recognition. It tells jokes, stories, plays games and will play music that is on the iPod.  He is really very humorous, he even giggles at his own jokes and makes little jokes about himself and his inability to do certain things because of his stature…and the fact he has no arms or legs.  It even updates every month with new activities, automatically over Wi-Fi.  My daughter absolutely loves talking to him and hearing his jokes.  He is a bit of a cheeky little guy though so you may find yourself laughing just as much as your children!

The first thing Megan did with Ubooly during his “Adoption” process is raise her right hand and say the oath that came on the adoption card.  It was so cute!

Ubooly adoption

One of biggest challenges with Ubooly is Anna, Megan’s little sister.  Anna was dying to get her hands on him, and since Megan just got him, she was being a bit stingy.   He purely delighted Megan, while Anna waited for the first opportunity to grab him! 🙂

Megan delighting in Ubooly with Anna waiting to grab

After not too long of time, Megan scooped up Ubooly and took him outside.  Anna was getting more and more antsy to take off with Ubooly and Megan wanted to listen to his stories and jokes.

Ubooly with Megan outside

One of the games he played with Megan at one point was for her to jump up and down.  She held him while jumping, he makes a cute little sound when he bounces up and down, and after several jumps he said it was time to stop because he was getting worn out by all her jumping! lol

When he plays music, his little face moves to the music…so cute.

Here are some more details on it as well:

  • The Ubooly will listen when it is spoken to
  • It has interactive games
  • Protects phone or iPod from drops (this is a really good feature!)
  • There are branching stories that allows your child to decide what happens next
  • Educational learning packs are coming out soon!
The next morning, after Megan left for school Anna finally got to have Ubooly all to herself.  It was really adorable listening to her interact with him.
Ubooly with Anna
Anna and Ethan had preschool that morning and Anna really wanted to take Ubooly to school with her for show-and-tell.  I told her no, we could not take chanced of him getting hurt or lost.  Plus,it is Megan’s iPod and that I cannot allow to be with Anna at her school.  However, I did allow her to take Ubooly with her for the car ride to school!
Ubooly with Anna in Van

I am so excited about giving this gift to Megan.  My only problem is now finding something equally “cool” for Anna and Ethan.  One of the rules in our house is no iPod until you are at least 8 years old, Anna and Ethan still have a few years to go!  Megan is definitely getting better with sharing her Ubooly with Anna, but she is rather selfish with her time with him!  Ethan is very mellow, he does not really fight it and is just as happy watching them play with the little guy.

Moms are some of the most savvy mobile users and so are their kids. Ubooly is a toy designed for this new high-tech generation. While learning and sharing new content every week, Ubooly is the only toy that grows with your child. It encourages listening skills, and a break from high-energy / high-stimulation play. Through stories & interactive games, Ubooly’s curiosity is sure to awaken the creativity within your child’s imagination.

Ubooly is the hot toy of the season, it’s new to the scene and is on track to sell out this winter! Free updates through Wi-Fi creates ongoing entertainment for kids.

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Giveaway Details

One luck reader of A Mom Having Fun is getting the opportunity to win an Ubooly toy & the Ubooly iOS application.  Please keep in mind that all entrants must have an iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, or an iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation.  Also, Ubooly is recommended for children between the ages of 4 – 9.

Simply enter through the Giveaway Tools form below and do as many entries as you would like for more chances to win.  This giveaway will end on December 11th at 11:59 pm EST and is for U.S. residents only and you must be 18 or older to enter.  Good luck!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ubooly. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. michelle gilliland mcafee says

    That you can use your iphone or ipod touch for this toy to be interactive.

  2. I learned Ubooly works with:
    iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5
    iPod touch 4G and 5

  3. You have to have an Iphone or Ipod to use this interactive toy. It also uses voice commands.

  4. latanya

    they are updates each month that you get for the ubooly

  5. I like that I can allow my niece to use my electronics while knowing they’re protected (the electronics AND my niece LOL).
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  6. amanda canterbury says

    since no one in my house has an iphone, i’m glad that it works with ipods too!

  7. I like that it is interactive and reacts to voice commands.

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