Thick and Creamy Antibacterial Hand Wash by Lysol Review

I am a BzzAgent and was provided a sample of Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap. Thank you to both BzzAgent and Lysol for doing so!

I love my foaming hand soap so much more than I do liquid soaps now. I think they rinse so much better without leaving a residue than the liquid or gel soaps. I also really like when I can find a foaming hand was that is thick and creamy. Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap is thick and creamy.

I have been rather leery using antibacterial soaps now for a while since the use of Triclosan for a while now. Triclosan is the major ingredient found in antibacterial soaps, and has proven to be not only unhealthy for people but also for the environment. Lysol Touch of Foam is not made with Triclosan, it is made with benzalkonium chloride for the antibacterial purposes. While it does not pose the same risks as Triclosan does, it is still not given rave reviews as being “safe”. There seems to be some controversy as to how “natural” it really is and its safety used over a long period of time. It does serve its purpose very well though at being an antibacterial agent.

I think if you are looking for an antibacterial foaming hand wash, I would definitely go with Lysol Touch of Foam. I think overall it is a safer product than one with Triclosan. I know there are a lot of people who feel very strongly about needing to use an antibacterial soap, and I can certainly appreciate the benefits of using antibacterial products.


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