Things I Love About Autumn In The Midwest #Fall2016

By nature, I am a warm weather person. I want to hibernate all Winter long, especially during the coldest months of the winter. I live for the summertime with the kids and hanging out at the pool. However, there are things I love about Autumn. The good thing about living in the Midwest is getting to experience every season, which can also be the downside of living here.

Things I Love About Autumn

One of the many things I love about Autumn is the changing colors.

Things i love about autumn

Mums are fabulous this time of year and come in such a wonderful array of colors.

Things I love about Autumn

Fall food is so yummy!

Things I love about Autumn

Pumpkins and Gourds

Things I love about Autumn.

Home Decor is so fun! Not only the outdoor decor,

Things I love about Autumn

but also the indoor decor.

Things I love about Autumn

Fall clothing. I love sweaters and boots.

Things I love about Autumn

When I think of Fall, it conjures up so many fun and cozy images. I can’t help but think of Football, snuggling up under a blanket and reading, crisp cool air, the smell of wood-burning from fire places, roasting marshmallows, hot chocolate, soup, leaf piles, Halloween, haunted trails, pumpkin decorating, and baking.

Fall is also a big time for family birthdays. In October, we have several birthdays we celebrate – father-in-law’s, my nephew’s, my twin’s, and my brother-in-law. In November we have my other Nephew’s birthday.

What are your favorite things about the Fall season?




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