Things to See in New York

things to see in New York

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Is there any one place in the United States that you would like to visit some day? I have a few places I have never been to that I would like to see visit. To name a few, I would like to visit New York, Maine, South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore), Niagara Falls, and Arizona (Grand Canyon).

The first place I would like to visit is New York. First, I have never been to the East coast and second there are so many great things to do and see in New York.

Things to See in New York

Here are some of the things to see in New York that I would love the opportunity to do:

  • Attend a showing of the Late Night Show with David Letterman
  • Go to a Broadway Show
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Go to Ellis Island
  • See the Statue of Liberty
  • See the site where the Twin Towers once stood
  • Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  • Go to Madison Square Garden
  • Take the Staten Island Ferry

Honestly New York has so much going on, that I am sure it would take more than one trip to take it all in!

I know there are broadway show and hotel packages available, but I would like to go when the kids are all older.  They are way too young to do something like New York City and really appreciate all it has to offer. Although I am sure there are plenty of kid oriented things to do in New York as well.

Once I had a chance to explore New York City, the other place I have always wanted to visit is Maine. Maine sounds absolutely beautiful to me. However, it seems to get the most out of Maine I feel like I would need to go there in the winter. Living in Illinois, which is already cold during the winter months, I would really have to psych myself up for a Winter vacation! Although the dog sledding sounds like it would be a blast. I know the kids would love snow tubing.

After Maine, I think I would shoot for somewhere warm like Arizona.

I suppose these are all things to add to my “bucket list”! What are some of the places you would like to visit “some day”?

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  1. Kennedy Schultz says

    I was in NYC for the first time a couple years ago–Loved it! Still haven’t taken the kids yet, but I’m hoping we can do that next year. Your list looks great–Don’t forget about taking a walk through Central Park! As for me, my ‘someday’ city would be San Francisco.

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