Time to Make a Compost Bin, Our Garbage Disposal Broke

I never realized how much I used a garbage disposal until now.  Now I am putting all the scraps in a plastic bag, which I know is horrible environmentally!  Purchasing a new garbage disposal is not in our budget at all right now.  It is actually an added expense that we really don’t need. I am thinking composting.

Make A Compost Bin

I have always wanted to compost, so maybe this is the time to start. The only thing is, is that a composter costs quite a bit of money also.  Since I can not spend the money on a composter either, I started digging around on how to make a compost bin.

Build Your Own Indoor Bin

  1. Drill 1/2-inch diameter holes in the bottom and sides of a plastic garbage can.
  2. Place a brick in the bottom of a larger garbage can, surround the brick with a layer of wood chips or soil, and place the smaller can inside on top of the brick.
  3. Wrap insulation around the outer can to keep the compost warm and cover the cans with a lid.


One of the simplest ways to compost food waste is in a sunken garbage can. The can should have a tight-fitting lid and holes punched in the bottom. A galvanized metal can (about $15 new) works well. Drill or punch about 20 drain holes, 1/4 or 3/8 inch diameter, in the bottom of the can. Then drill 10 air holes in the side, spaced around the upper lip of the can. If the lid is not tight, make a lid out of a piece of ply-wood, with a handle on the top and some wood blocks underneath to fit the lip of the can and help hold the lid on.

Dig a hole about 15 inches deep in a well-drained corner of your yard and set the can into the hole. Then push the soil back in around the sides. Your new composter is ready to use! If odor or fruit flies are a problem you can stockpile bags of brown leaves, sawdust, straw, or shredded paper near the composter and place a thin layer of them on each new addition to the can.

composting bucketI also read about making a composter out of plastic buckets – like a 5 gallon bucket.  All you need to do is drill holes on the bottom of the buck abou every 1/2 – 1 inch.  Drill 2 rows of holes about 3 inches down from the top of the bucket, holes should be about 1 inch apart.  Place the bucket with holes in to a bucket without holes.  Next put shredded newspaper in the bottom of the bucket and moisten it with water.  Then put in coffee grounds and then fruits and vegetables that are decomposing.  Next put on another later of shredded newspaper and moisten.  Then you want to dump in your worms – not just any worm, but Red Wigglers sold on-line or at gardening stores.  Then you put the lid on it and place it so it is not in direct sun.  Every 3 days add more food to your bucket, but it needs to be added under that top layer of top lid of shredded newspaper.

I think the above composter is the one I will make – I am very excited about the prospect of making my very own.  I will definitely take picture’s along the way!

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  1. An indoor compost bin?
    Hubby balked at me about a compost pile in the yard saying how much it would stink.
    I’m having no luck getting our food waste as well as weeds pulled and such to turn into compost. This is my 2nd year trying.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted..Squidoo Hopping–Shares in SquidooMy Profile

    • Honestly I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to put one in the house, but I was surprised to see it mentioned so much when I was researching the compost bins. I actually did make my bin today. I’m excited to see if I can actually get some compost. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to get the food waste to turn into compost!

  2. Lisa Cox says

    Thank you for posting this! I have tried the compost pile in the yard beside the garage and could never seem to be able to keep it in a pile. We are in a very rural area and the racoons and muskrats would keep digging in my pile and pulling the fruit and veggie trash all over the yard.
    I buried a metal trashcan that we had stopped using and now I have a covered compost bin.
    Thank you again!

    • Yay, that is so cool! I actually did make my compost “bucket”. I still have to post the picture’s. Now I think my biggest fear is that it won’t actually break down like it should!

  3. When I was a kid, we had a compost bin in our backyard. If I remember, it was a piece of sheet metal, wrapped around to form a cylinder. There were holes in the bottom and top. The tight-fitting lid was necessary because raccoons love compost. Good luck with this project!

  4. Well written post on how to make a compost bin. I always try to find that kind of blogs for reading to keep me busy and gain information to new things. Thanks again your blog is great. Keep it up

  5. This blog informs us how we save food after left thanks for sharing us this blog

  6. If I remember, it was a piece of sheet metal, wrapped around to form a cylinder. There were holes in the bottom and top.

  7. Thank you for sharing this post! Definitely a great idea for making a compost bin. Keep sharing some more ideas like this.

  8. Wounderful post, and it’s really time to make a compost bin

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