Updating A Home Is Never Ending

Updating A Home

Updating a home seems to be a never-ending project.  When you own a home, don’t you have a list that is a mile long of things you want to do?  When we bought our house 9 years ago there were several things we put on our list of things we wanted to take care of right away, other things that we wanted to take care of in the next couple years, and then there is the “dream” list.

When we first moved into our home, it was in very good condition so we did not necessarily have anything urgent to take care of in the house.  It was fall when we moved here, but once spring/summer hit with the warm sunny weather we realized our backyard was completely without shade.  The back of our house faces the south so we have full sun all day long.  The first thing we took care of was investing in retractable awning over our back deck.  This was a good investment, but is not always the best solution since the awning has its restrictions.  Depending on the time of the day, it does not provide a whole lot of shade since when the sun is full east or full west it still shines right through that awning area.  Also, we cannot put out the awning when it is windy outside.  I would say this was a good temporary fix.

Updating a home - Retractable Awning

This is not the back of our house, but it is the same type of awning.

We have planted several trees in our backyard, but trees do take quite a while to grow to a size that will provide a lot of shade.  We have planted a Wintergreen Hawthorne, a Buckeye, and a Red Oak.  The Red Oak will probable shade our whole block some day!

The next order of business was the roof.  The house was 15 years old when we purchased it and it had the original roof.  There were a couple of shingles that seemed to be coming up so we wanted to take care of that before it did become a problem.  We decided to go with a roofer who came highly recommended and chose to go with a second layer.  The second layer was more affordable at the time.  However, we recently had someone up on our roof and was told we actually have three layers up there.  I was really surprised to hear that since we did go with a reputable roofer, at least I thought we did!  The next time we have anything to do with the roof it will definitely be a tear off and a brand new one.  If you happen to live in the city of Montreal, then you have probably heard of some couvreur Montreal.

Updating a home - Roofing

Not our house (wish it was!), but that is they style and color of our roofing.

All of the appliances were original to the house so, although they were still all working, we did update our appliances a little at a time.  My favorite new appliance is our refrigerator!  I grew up always wanting to have a refrigerator with the water and ice dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator door.  That was my main requirement when we started on our hunt.  We ended up getting a refrigerator with French doors with the freezer on the bottom.  I really like the French doors since we do have small kitchen space, when the doors are open they do not take up so much space.

Updating a home - LG French Door Refrigerator

This is what we have! ❤ it!

Since living here we have also gotten new siding, redid our half bathroom, have all new windows, replaced our furnace and air conditioning, and got new carpeting upstairs where we sleep.  I have to say the carpet we got is so cool.  It is actually made out of corn!  This is amazing carpeting.  After 5 years this carpeting still shows no wear, plus it is stain resistant.  Also, it is environmentally friendly since it is made of renewable resources.  We love this carpeting!  I love having the deep pile that I can sink my toes into.  🙂

Updating a home - Corn Carpet

Although we have done a lot to update our house, there is still so much more we would like to do.  For instance, we would love to redo the main living space flooring.  We would like to get rid of all out linoleum flooring and replace it with hardwood, cork & bamboo, or laminate.  The parts we intend to keep carpeted I would like to get a darker shade of the corn carpeting.  Since it wears so well and withstands staining, I think that is our best option.  We also really need to re-do our full bathroom!

It seems our list of things we want to do to our house is never ending!  I feel like we are always adding more to that list faster then we can get things done.

What about you?  What did you do when you first purchased your home, and do you still have a lot to get done?

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  1. I stumbled this post (user FamilyFocusBlog)! I know just what you mean. We have had our house for 3 years and we are working on some stuff slowly but surely but so much more I want to do! I need to win a bunch of money so I can finish out the basement, redo the master bath and update the kitchen!
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  2. My wife and I recently bought a home. We want to let in the natural light and the view of the area around us. It would be great if instead of curtains or blinds, we could do window awnings. That way, the sunlight will not blind us, yet we still keep our picturesque view.

  3. It is interesting that the first thing you invested in when you first moved into your new house. If you are faced with hot sun streaming in your windows, then it would definitely be worth it to get awnings to provide some shade. Plus, if you have a retractable awning, you can choose when it is up and when it is down for the winter and summer.

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