Weekend Recap – Snow, Fun and Comfort – Hello Monday

Weekend Recap, Feb 9 – 11

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had such a busy weekend, I wanted to provide a weekend recap.

Our weekend actually began a bit early this past week. With an impending snowstorm, we received phone calls Thursday evening telling us school was cancelled for Friday. The weather reports were calling for 8 – 14 inches starting Thursday evening and running through Friday afternoon.

I was a bit surprised the schools called Thursday evening, and not early Friday morning. There have been times when there’s been a weather prediction that has ended up missing us. However, they ended up making a good call because on Friday there was a lot of snow!

Weekend Recap

My morning began early Friday morning. My husband, who works in healthcare, still had to go to work. So, I got up with him at 5:45 am to help shovel the driveway. At that point, there were only a few inches of show. However, I could tell the plows had not been around at all to tend to the street.

A few hours later, I went out for round 2 of shoveling…a few more inches of show. Then, about an hour later, the kids and I went to our elderly neighbor’s house to shovel her driveway. Afterwards, I shoveled our driveway two more times, because once I got through shoveling, it already needed to be shoveled again.

The picture below, was taken a few hours after the first one above!

Weekend recap, Illinois Snow. Snow, snow, and more snow.

I didn’t think the snow was ever going to stop. I clocked about 14,000 steps that day from shoveling alone! My back hurt and, to my surprise, my elbow was incredible sore. It must’ve been from throwing the snow.

Since it was #NationalPizzaDay. We did order pizzas for dinner. It was the perfect snowed-in comfort food!

Weekend recap, snowy Illinois. #NationalPizzaDay


Our daughter Anna is a Girl Scout, and I am “Cookie Mom”. So, while Anna went with the troop to help package items at our local food pantry, I went and picked up our troops Girl Scout Cookies!

Weekend recap, a snow filled weekend in Chicago.

I have yet to sort through all the cookies, but it is on my calendar for the week!

Outside of the cookie pick-up, it was a low-key day. Especially since there was a call for more snow on Sunday. ❄ Ugh.



With more snow falling, and not sure how much we would accumulate, we did not go to church on Sunday. We rarely miss service, so it was very hard not being filled with Him yesterday morning. However, I did listen to some of my favorite Podcasts, which did help.

My husband took our twins sledding, who were joined by a couple of other friends and their dad. I thought they would be gone for an hour max, but they were sledding for just over three-and-a half hours!

Weekend recap, sledding kids.

I’d love to hear about your weekend! Did you get snow this past weekend?

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  1. Oh my goodness, we’ve been getting snow all week, and people keep telling me more to come! I’m disabled so with this snow/ice I’m more or less afraid to go outside. If I fall…. brrrrrrrrrrr shutter the thought. So I have plenty to do inside. My daughter called today and said she picked up her family and went to an indoor water park with hubby and his side of the family! WOW, How fun huh? Just look at your little guys looks like they’re having a ball too! I have a bill hill about a half of a block away from my house so when the kids come over I have a toboggan so I’m the best thing since sliced bread. hahaha mMMMMM GIRLSCOUT COOKIES… Sounds like fun to me.

    • Hi Marie! Thank you for stopping by! I think we are finally done with the snow, at least for now. Yes, I am sure the thought of falling is really scary! The last few times I’ve fallen, I broke my wrist and then the next time I fractured a rib. Plus, I faint when I fall. So, I can somewhat relate, but not completely. Oh, how I long for the water park (outside/summer)! lol Wow, I bet you do have the fun house. So cool that you have a toboggan. Yes, Girl Scout cookies…they’re dangerous to keep around. Haha Have a great day!

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