What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

Yesterday our 4 year old twins had a preschool field trip to a local fire department.  The fire department did a really great job at teaching the children about fire safety and added a lot of humor to the whole experience which kept the children really engaged.

My husband is a part-time fire department, so I honestly thought our kids would not be all that entertained since they’ve been to their father’s fire department numerous times.  I was wrong…go figure!  🙂  Ethan, who is normally Mr. Social, was actually very shy at first and started crying at one point because of how loud it was.  Which is funny since when they are at my husbands fire department they love ringing the big bell on the front of the fire engine…and that is LOUD!  Anna, who is normally shy, was very entertained and wanted to be right up in front for everything! 

Eventually Ethan came around and had a great time.  One of the things the kids did in the beginning of their trip is get a turn to sit in the fire truck.  Since Ethan was still in shy mode – only Anna (of my 2) sat in the drivers seat with her little firefighter hat – Ethan didn’t even want his hat at first!

Not too long ago, Anna had told my husband that she wants to be a Firefighter “just like my dad” when she grows up.  Ethan proceeded to tell her that she couldn’t be a Firefighter since she is a girl.  Of course, we did correct him on that issue.  It was very interesting thought that Ethan made that statement about a Firefighter only being a boy.  With Ethan, I’ve never imposed the “boys don’t do that” on him.  He has two sisters and is often dressed in princess costumes, has had his nails done and has worn a headband!  He’ll learn soon enough by society what boys should and shouldn’t do.  For right now, it’s just playtime for him.

It also lead me to another thought too, Firefighter…danger.  I want to believe that I will always support my children in their goals and aspirations, but there is that nagging voice that says “You can’t be a firefighter, it’s dangerous and I don’t want to risk losing you”.  That is true for all the parents of children who even go into the military.  I guess you cross that bridge when you come to it, but wow, that’s tough.

What do your children want to be when they grow up?  It’s so great for kids to dream, but do ever fear their dreams will take them to dangerous places?

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