When Life Catches You Off Guard – Are You Up For The Challenge?

Life is kind of funny. Just when you think things have settled down, it throws you for a loop. This past year my life seems to be in constant flux. I believe most would agree with me, it’s not a matter of if life will catch you off guard, but when.

When Life Catches You Off Guard

I thought when my kiddo’s went back to school on August 26th I would finally be able to get back into the routine of keeping up with my blog, Stampin’ Up, and Young Living. Ha, life (or God) had something very different in mind for me.

when life catches you off guard

The day the kids returned to school I honestly could not focus on work at all. I was feeling rather sad that summer was officially over and the kids were already back at school. I was also a little stressed worrying about how their first days would go. Especially M (Megan). With having had such a rough last three years of elementary I was very nervous with how Junior High would start off. She really needed this to be a fresh, new start for her. I’m happy to say it was!!

The next day, Thursday, is when I had big plans to catch up on many of the projects I had going on for my blog. I had six projects that were all due by that following Monday (Labor Day). I ended up not getting anything accomplished because I received a phone call that my mom had fallen while outside and was confused, disoriented and had no short-term memory. You talk about your heart dropping into your stomach? That will do it!

It turns out my mom flat on her back while outside, but no one actually saw how she fell. She seemed okay at first to the person who found her. He brought her in her house and sat her down. However, soon after he found her wandering around, she didn’t know why she was was outside. When she saw him she came up to him, but didn’t know why she was outside, didn’t know why he was there or remember her fall or anything at all from that morning.

The person who found my mom does a lot of work for her and her Condo Association. He has worked with her for many years. At this point, he called me. I had him call the ambulance while I was en route to her place. I then spent the next 7 hours in the Emergency Room with her. That whole time I was there, she would ask me the same questions over and over again. What happened, who called me, were we at her house, etc.? The second I would tell her all the information, the same questions would be asked again. Because she did not have any short-term memory, she didn’t remember having already asked the questions…nor did she remember any of the answers.

Thankfully, by the time I was leaving that evening she was already starting to get back some of her short-term memory. Surprisingly, she was able to come home the next day. The small brain bleed she did have from the fall had already fixed itself, and she had about 95% of her short-term memory back. I was actually very surprised they allowed her to come home, and not very happy. She lives on her own. 🙁

One of the fall-outs we’ve had from her fall is she’s had a lot of lower back pain. In fact, so much pain she’s had to crawl up the stairs in her home to get upstairs. The ER was so concerned about her head, they never looked at her back. She is just starting Physical Therapy and will hopefully have some relief very soon.

Between the time my mom fell and today, we’ve also had my younger daughter Anna (A) already stay home from school for what we thought was pink eye. Although now we know she has allergies, which was causing the itchy, red eyes. Also, just last night “A” broke her front permanent tooth. It was very odd how it happened too. I had just returned home from Curriculum Night at her school and as she went to give the sitter a hug, her front tooth knocked into the sitter’s cell phone. It did not seem that hard at all, in fact, it didn’t even hurt her. I think it was the angle in which it hit, and the fact that she hit the tooth directly. The phone did not hit her lip.

Today we spent a couple of hours going to the dentist. I am happy to report that you can’t even tell she cracked off the whole corner of her front tooth. It was so pointy and sharp, it looked like a vampire tooth. I really love our dentist. He does such amazing work, and his so incredibly gentle.

when life catches you off guard

We all have seasons in our life when things just seem to happen right after the other. Although we do not get any warning when we are going to one of these difficult seasons, we can make every effort to respond to them with grace and patience. Neither one of which I possessed these past two weeks, but I am working on that.

Stay tuned for things that you can do to help you through the challenging times of life!

Have you been through a rough season of life recently? How did you handle that time in your life? I’d love to hear what you did to get yourself through it!




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