Yearly Traffic Report for A Mom Having Fun

Considering I started out this year with my website not even being active, I am very happy with how the year progressed once I started treating my blog as a business and not a hobby.

traffic stats 2012

Top 10 Referring Sites According to Google Analytics

1. 32,280
2. 4,938
3. 4,895
4 3,602
5. twitter 2,796
6. 965
7. 724
8. 634
9. Blogger 628
10. 289

Top 10 Referring Blogs According to Google Analytics

1. 552
2. 280
3. 279
4 179
5. 161
6. 158
7. 147
8. 105
9. 97
10. 93


Top 10 Viewed Posts

1. Random Funny Internet Pictures: 900,000 pageviews (YIKES)

2. Funny Animal Pictures: 140,000

3. Monday err Tuesday Funnies: 110,000

4. New Monsuno Core Sets Review Giveaway: 110,000

5. Disney Pumpkin Carving Templates: 90,000

6. Card Stamping Ideas For Birthdays and Christmas: 60,000

7. Monday Funnies August Week 3: 40,000

8. The Art of Conversation Compared to a Coffee of Black Coffee: 40,000

9. Printable Chore Charts for Kids: 35,000

10. Change Your Mindset Get Motivated to Exercise: 12,000


Top 10 Searched Keywords

1. funny pictures: 5,000,000

2. funny: 2,200,000

3. funny pics: 1,000,000

4. funny images: 450,000

5. funny photos: 300,000

6. Funny picture: 140,000

7. Funny pic: 110,000

8. Funny photo: 75,000

9. Funny cartoons: 60,000

10. monsuno: 60,000

Some goals for 2013 is to increase my traffic by 2 – 3 times and not be so “funny”!  I want to get better search word pick ups.  I am grateful for the traffic and that so many people enjoyed those posts, but my site is not supposed to “funny” per se.

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About the Author

A Mommy blogger who loves working from home while raising her 9-year-old daughter and 5-year-old boy/girl twins with her husband. I have a passion for learning and enjoy anything having to do with the technical side of blogging. I am also always working on self-improvement and being the best mom I can to my children. I am also a bit of a coffee addict! ❤


  1. Didi KEppel says

    Congrats!! I started a blog in July and it’s so fun to see new visitors!! 🙂

  2. Congrats on having a great year. I look forward to next year being even better. Love your blog!

  3. Wow I hope one day that I can reach these numbers
    angela recently posted..Make your own air freshenerMy Profile

  4. yvonne dewolf says

    I would like to start a blog, you all make it look so easy.

    • It is actually a lot of work. lol But it is a lot of fun, and there is a great community of bloggers. My husband, however, just tells me I’m playing on the computer, even though it is helping us financially. grrrr I think he just likes to give me a hard time!

  5. Laura Lane says

    I wouldn’t begin to know how to get numbers like that.

  6. Good numbers, but are you still having fun?

    • I am having fun! There is a fantastic community of bloggers, plus I really enjoy working with the brands and people in general. Thank you for asking! Happy New Year!!

  7. Congrats..I wish I knew how to start a blog and make it work. Your numbers are amazing and so is your blog!

  8. Terri Herman says

    Looks like you are doing well! Keep up the good work and 2013 should be as good if not better!

  9. Tina Seagraves says

    I just started using twitter and stumble.

  10. Brandy Horton says

    Congratulations!! That’s amazing!! 🙂

  11. Stephanie Larison says

    Pretty cool how you can get all the numbers like that. Congrats and I hope this year has even more visitors!

  12. I so want to know how to make money blogging!! Any good tips?

    • I would say start with something you enjoy writing about. If you are writing about topics you enjoy, you will never run out of things to say. I love writing about things with my children and parenting…and it is a never ending learning process. Good luck!

  13. Nena Sinclair says

    You’re doing fantastic! Congrats on your great year and here’s to an even better 2013!

  14. Karen Hand says

    Starting from scratch, I’d say that you have done well. Congrats to you and hope for future growth. Love your blog.

  15. Marthalynn says

    Wow! Great job! You’re very inspiring. Would you consider doing a post/series on how you got started blogging?

    • Thank you Marthalynn! I guess that is something I should consider. I still feel like there is so much I am still learning that I hadn’t really thought of that before. Happy New Year!

  16. Congratulations. Those are some GREAT numbers! Can’t wait to see what they’re like next year.

  17. Michelle S says

    I hope you can get higher numbers (not that I doubt you can’t), but that’s good to know that people keep returning to your site!

    • Thank you Michelle! I hope they keep going up too. Yes, I am very happy to see there are so many people who return to my site – I am kind of in awe! lol Actually all of these comments are so incredibly sweet! Happy New Year!

  18. Thanks for posting this. It provides good information for someone who is new to blogging.

  19. Jane S Boozer says

    You’re very inspiring. Happy New Year!

    I am also working on self-improvement.

  20. Wow, thanks for sharing. It is great encouragement as I move toward more engagement in 2013 for my blog.

  21. Wow on the numbers!!! How did you do this? Congrats thats very impressive!
    Pam Allen recently posted..I am HAPPY 2012 is DONE!My Profile

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