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The day finally arrived for the release of Disney Zootopia. I had the privilege of taking my kids to the screening on Thursday, March 3rd – the day before opening. My kids had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this movie for months. We initially saw previews of Zootopia when we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the end of December. Below is my Zootopia Movie Review, along with some videos on how to draw a couple of movie favorites.


Zootopia Movie Review

Here was my take on the movie, and those of my children. I have a 12 year old daughter, and 8 year old twins.

There are a lot of great lessons to be learned through Zootopia. It addresses stereotyping, racism, and bullying. Right from the get-go, all three issues are addressed. The first one is Judy wanting to be a police officer, a position never held by an animal as small as a bunny. The second issue addressed is bullying when Judy runs into a bullying fox who is in her school. As a result, the third issue comes to light – stereotyping. Foxes are shifty and not to be trusted.

zootopia movie review

Despite stereotyping and bullying, Judy pursues her deepest desire to be a police officer. She graduates from the police academy, becoming Zootopia’s first bunny cop.

Zootopia Movie Review #Zootopia

She is assigned to the Urban Center of Zootopia. Artisically, this is a beautiful city. Animations just keep getting more and more profound. There is so much attention to detail, from the creation of individual buildings and towns to the animal scaling and animal species design. The animation in Zootopia really is top-notch.


Upon arriving, Police Officer Judy is assigned to Meter Maid. However, she is able to talk the Police Chief into assigning her to a case involving a missing Otter. The Chief gives her 48 hours to solve the case or she has to turn in her badge.

Judy enlists Nick’s, the fox, help into her solve the case. Through the process of Judy and Nick working together to solve this case, we are taught some very important lessons on the treatment of others, and the perils of prejudice.

Along with the messages this movie conveys, it also has a lot of great humor. There are cute inside jokes (watch for the “Frozen” one), scenes that will make you laugh, and even some humor that adults may catch onto more than the kids. Overall, this is an excellent movie for the entire family. My kids loved it. My son, who scares easily, was not effected by this movie at all. Lastly, there was a happy ending and – NO parents died! 🙂

Learn how to draw Judy here:

Learn how to draw Flash, the sloth, here:

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Have you seen Zootopia yet? Is your family excited to see this one?


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  1. Hello Jodi! I agree that this is an excellent movie for the entire family! I like that the main character is not an orphan or none of her parents died. But do you think the movie explained well why the Assistant Mayor Bellwether, who was once Judy’s bestfriend become the villain at the end?

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